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The course is divided into three units and 12 organic farming skill building lessons, for students who have satisfied the two-year agricultural foundation prerequisites in AFNR and/or attained through real-world agriculture training and experience.

The curricular content is derived with permission from “Teaching Organic Farming and Gardening Instructors Manual” published by University of California, Santa Cruz.  


Teaching Organic Farming and Gardening

Content Requirements: Certified Organic Farm Technician

Outlined in the NOP: Guidelines for Organic Crop Growers

soil and compost

Managing Soil Health                                          


Soil Test                                                               

Soil & Soil Physical Properties Resources            

Crops and Seeds (rotation, cover crops)

Propagation/Greenhouse Management              

Cover Crops                                                         

Weeds, Diseases & IPM

Pest Management                                               

Plant Pathogens                                                  


Record keeping for Organic System Plan

   Record keeping                                                     

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